What is the best way to use your $300 e-voucher?

Release date:2020/06/06
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You can purchase a JOY YOGA "Combo plan" to enjoy yoga and stay healthy at Joy Yoga. We offer a variety of classes with flexible schedules: yoga, aerial yoga, Poundfit, Zumba, HIIT ⋯ you can always find your perfect fit here.  


✔More than 50 layers of Yoga - variety and exclusive such as: Yoga Hammock, Yoga Stick, Yoga Rope, Yoga Ball , Yoga Therapy... help the soul relaxed with ..wounded full clean and peaceful environment. 

✔dance classes , Fitness classes : Zumba dance, POUND FIT ,HIIT , TABATA,TRX... movement according to the lively music waves 

✔Make a plan to practice with professional personal trainer team, to  train your muscles.

✔Spacious practice space !Standard classroom !